Serving Southeast Alaska's
Insulation and Home Performance Needs


 Building Performance InstituteBPI Certified Building Analyst: As  certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analysts, We have had training in BPI's rigorous house-as-a-system approach and kept conscientiously up-to-date on certification (BPI requires Building Analysts to be re-certified every three years). As  BPI Building Analysts we are certified to conduct blower-door tests, combustion appliance inspection and repair, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection, duct testing and airflow testing in addition to our other contracting services. Two members of our team hold this certification. For more information about BPI's standards, take a look at their Technical Standards for Building Analysts (PDF).



 AHFC Certified Energy Rater: As a certified Energy rater, We are certified to conduct home energy ratings. As per AHFC's standards, We take building science classes throughout the year, to ensure that our home energy ratings utilize the latest science and technology to provide the best and most effective information available.



State of Alaska registered Home Inspector: As a registered home inspector I am licensed to provide inspection services on new and existing homes,